Friday, February 23, 2007

Bonus Army and Ghosts of Abu Ghraib on tv last night

I watched Bonus Army on PBS, and then Ghosts of Abu Ghraib on HBO. It remains on my mind today, and I will likely blog on it at my Dying to Preserve the Lies blog and at Washblog.
I mention it at this blog, because it is named Bundelz, an effort to have one place that is not a compartment of the many aspects of being me.

Sweetie came home from work yesterday raving about the granola. It's time for me to make some more and by now I've pretty much got the formula down and mix and match ingredients of my own choosing. I'm so pleased with our small lifestyle adjustments so far. Sweetie continues to do daily 2-3 power walks for 10 minutes each as part of his workday routine. He's feeling more energetic, I can tell, because he gets a kick out of doing a few dance steps for me to make me laugh. Oh, it's not rude, believe me - you'd have to see his idea of dance steps, and you'd laugh too.

Weather is confused here, between serious hail, sun breaks, rain, and some winds, it's that time of year again - at least for the weather around here. Tulips, daffodils, croascia peeking up in the yard - a reminder to me that spring is around the corner and I will be back in my yard and garden again soon. My plans this year include creating a red lava rock pathway in the frontyard leading up to front door. My problem is that the best of the best of the best 'edger' Sweetie bought me a few years ago broke last year. We searched in vain everywhere last season for a replacement - Nada. It's a very specific edger, with a moon shaped cutting edge that is sharp and easily breaks up the ground. It is about hip heighth for me, and has hand holder on each side of the shaft. It is like it was made for me, and works so well for me.

Sweetie, not appreciating the absolute uniqueness of this implement has tried to purchase two other edgers for me - and neither measures up. I made a declaration last season that only the broken edger is what I want and we must find someone to repair it. Sweetie thought he might be able to repair it, so he hasn't searched too hard for anyone else who could repair it. Spring coming up and I need that edger, so project ahead is to resolve the issue of the edger. Yes, a shovel does work, but does not create the straight, clean line that this particular edger creates.

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