Monday, February 5, 2007

Leaving an impression of an imprint..sustainable living choices.

Leaving an impression of an imprint, an outline of a footprint, instead of Bigfoot evidence of squandering resources - sustainable living. A more respectful way of taking and giving back and leaving something for the next generation(s). Pass it forward.

What has been a journey for us that started years earlier, has taken on differing identifying terms as the definitions have changed. Sometimes definitions cross paths, creating junctions, and it is at the junctions that I stop and take notice that where I thought I was headed is a direction many others have willingly taken.

Meaningful, intentional lifestyle living in respect for Mother Earth. New definitions include sustainable living; concerns of global warming but there were definitions trying to point in that direction that preceded these current popular definitions.

So yes, I prefer that my husband and I leave an impression of an imprint of our lives and stewardship for the resources we've used and returned.

Thus, begins linking up some of the blogs and websites that point to the broader definitions that are inclusive of meaningful, intentional lifestyle. Some people have more choices in making deliberate lifestyle changes where other people wind up making lifestyle changes due to changes in their own life circumstances. Single mothers, loss of career or job, changes in economy, catastrophic life changes, catastrophes of nature - forced reductionism. Whether you arrive by choice or by circumstances, there is much to be said for consuming less, choosing more deliberately, and finding the pleasure and joy of living more connected to the flow of Mother Earth, nature.

I'm not there yet, don't pretend to be more than a traveler on a journey to getting there, but along my own travels, I can write of my own experiences. Perhaps other travelers will join me, perhaps we will meet up at the junctures that mark this journey as more than one path, more than one highway, more than one journey that criss crosses the map of life.

For my husband and myself, at our mid-life ages, our goals and hope is to move into our later years with vitality, healthy habits, and fill our life with the joys of living amongst Creator's gifts and nurturing those gifts.

We live on lands considerd Estuaries; we live in area still considered by some wilderness; we live in a tiny community which is more fishing village than town; we live among a way of life that still reaches back into yesteryear. We are about to be 'found' among developers and commercial enterprises, but for now, we still enjoy a treasure of a lifestyle that we have deliberately sought out for ourselves.

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Chris Baskind said...

Here's wishing you success on that journey. And thank you for linking Lighter Footstep!